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Foshan Shunde Cheff Electric Appliances Co., Ltd BBQ Party on June 20th-June,2023

Foshan Shunde Cheff Electric Appliances Co., Ltd BBQ Party on June 20th-June,2023

Jun 30,2023

Employees at CHEFF enjoyed an exciting summer party on June 20 -June  with delicious food, fun games, and great company.  

As a manufacturer of high-quality gas cookers, induction cookers, and BBQ grills, it was only fitting that all the food was cooked on the company's own appliances.The party started with the outdoor BBQ grill heating up as the factory staff prepared to cook a variety of foods including burgers, hot dogs, kebabs, corn on the cob, and grilled veggies. The delectable aromas filled the air, enticing everyone to come and have a taste.

But it wasn't just about the food. The gathering was also an opportunity for the team to take a break, have fun, and bond over shared interests. The staff enjoyed various games, including tug-of-war and musical chairs, with prizes going to the winners. The most popular game of the night was the corn on the cob eating contest, which had the participants showing off their speed and eating skills. Everyone was laughing and cheering throughout the night.One of the participants said, "It was great to see my co-workers outside of the workplace, relaxing and having a good time." Another employee added, "The BBQ food was fantastic! I couldn't believe how well the gas hob, induction cooker, and BBQ grill worked."

Overall, the party was a huge success, and the participants had a blast. The team at [Your Factory Name] was thrilled with the enthusiastic response and is already making plans for the next event.

CHEFF takes pride in creating quality products that bring people together, and this event was a great example of that philosophy in action .Based on all the happy faces, it was clear that everyone left the party with a full belly and a big smile on their face.



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