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Safe,efficient,eco-friendly and energy-saving gas stoves manufacturer.

Save your your gas and save your money.

 Sensitive contact and quick ignition.

 Ignition valve with heat-resistance up to 500℃.

 Perfect match to create blue flame and high thermal efficiency.

Safe,efficient,eco-friendly and energy-saving gas stoves. Save your time,save your gas and save your money.

  • Sensitive contact and quick ignition
  • Ignition valve with heat-resistance up to 500℃
  • Perfect match to create blue flame and high thermal efficiency

Strong Manufacturing Capability for Custom Gas Stoves

Cheff provides you with safe,efficient,eco-friendly and energy-saving gas stoves.

Ignition production plant , Burner cap production plant ,Parts finishing plant, Gas hob assembly plant , Independent R&D department.

Each component and production process are full inspected, ensuring the first-time pass rate over 98% for finished products.

Gas Cookers & Gas Hobs Manufacturer

Reliable Chinese Gas Stove Manufacturer: Innovating with Trust

Table Top Gas Cookers

Cheff provides table top gas cookers with stainless steel, tempering glass, and powder coated panels. They are commonly used for home cooking and baking, compatible with natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas. These table top gas cookers require no custom installation or complex construction, making them affordable and suitable for most households.

Built-In Gas Hobs

Built-in gas hob is usually installed into countertop or the fixed structure of the kitchen.It must be installed under the instruction of the technician. From the fast finish of a steak to the gentle simmer of a reduction sauce, the food-forward kitchen is all about bringing just the right amount of heat.

Portable Camping Stoves

Portable camping stove is typically used for outdoor. A butane gas cartridge will be fixed inside as fuel,which is very easy to replace. Since it does not require any external gas pipe or electricity,butane gas stove is ideal for camping ,outdoor barbecues and other outdoor activities.

CHEFF Featured Gas Cooking Stoves

Share your ideas with us, or provide your product images, and let us bring them to life. You can also choose from the products we showcase.

Two Burner Powder Coated Gas Stove

The stove body is all-in-one and seamless.The appearance is PATENTED. The stove body is powder coated with custom-colored eco-friendly materials.

Two Burner Tempered Glass Gas Cooker

The tempered glass top can be customized with 2-D or 3-D printing according to the customer’s preference. 3 different size of burner can meet different cooking needs.

High Quality Double Burner Built-in Gas Cooker

Exquisite tempered glass panel matching different decoration. The heavy duty brass cap produce a perfect pure flame.More energy is utilized and the heat is distributed

Hybrid Stove (Gas + Electric)

The hybrid stove takes advantage of two very different cooking technologies at the same time.Compare with traditional gas stove, the hybrid gas hob is energy conservation and pollution reduction.

5 Burner Stainless Steel Built-in Gas Hob

The 5 burner stainless steel gas hob is complete and diversified both in aesthetics and in functional features. It is equipped with high-efficiency burners that ensure 10% to15% savings in gas consumption compared to traditional hobs.

5 Burner Tempered Glass Built-in Gas Hob

The flat tempered glass surface makes it easier to clean burnt-on grease and grime to speed up the cleaning process after cooking.Five burners of varying sizes and power levels provide all the power and precision you need.

Cheff's Core Technology

Ignition Valve

A precision cone valve core, which enhances gas sealing performance and minimizes the risk of gas leakage, then effectively extending the lifetime of gas stoves.

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Burner Cap

Burner cap has a uniquely designed flow guide to optimize gas combustion and improve energy efficiency.

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About Cheff

Gas Cooker And Gas Hob Manufacturer

Foshan Shunde Cheff Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer for gas cooker and gas hob in Guangdong China. Since founded in 2014, Cheff has been 100% focusing on medium and high quality gas cookers and gas hobs. Annually more than 500,000 worldwide families benifit from Cheff gas cookers and hobs.Our aim is to offer customers with quality products and reasonable price and to provide more end users with better cooking experience. We have strong supply chain,advanced assembling lines and testing machines to ensure the better quality and higher efficiency. We have experiened and professional engineers in our R&D team and strict QC management system. We are able to provide OEM & ODM services to customers with more complete and personalized pre-sales and after-sales services.


Of Own Factory


Of Industry Experience


Customer Satisfaction

I wish there is a better cooking experience to all people.Nothing is more important than all families gathered around the table to enjoy their food every day.
Make it easier for our partners to do business and better serve end customers.——Mr Vincent Liao

Gas Cookers OEM and ODM Manufacturing

We focus on your needs and grow together


For OEM service, we can provide customized products that meet specific requirements in terms of design, function, and quality.We can also offer product development, testing, and certification services to ensure that the products meet regulatory and safety standards.


Customize your exclusive product;

For ODM service,we can provide comprehensive product design and development services, from concept ideation to manufacturing and logistics. We can also offer branding, packaging, and marketing support to help ODM clients launch their products successfully in the market.

Manufacturing Ability

Two production lines were equipped to insure fast delivery.One is manual assembly of parts, another is automatic production line.Annually more than 500,000 worldwide families benefit from Cheff gas cookers and hobs.A team of professional and experienced engineers provide instruction to the workers according to the customer’s requirement.

Quality Control

Cheff QC team proceed the inspection strictly under the ISO9001 standard from the raw material to the finished products to ensure that all our products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of reliability.

Testing Centre

Cheff has invested lots of money for the testing centre that is dedicated to ensure our products meet the requirement of some TOP brand customers. The experienced engineers do their best to ensure that every aspect of the gas stove is thoroughly tested and evaluated in our testing centre before the mass production.


Cheff was certified for ISO9001. And some of our products have passed CE,SASO ,SONCAP and VOC etc to different countries.

What Do Our Clients Say?

The power of the gas stove is amazing

I research number brands of built-in gas hob. I have to say CHEFF brand is the best choice . It is heavy duty . the BTU power is fantastic.

Reliable quality and very easy to clean

I am pleased with this unit. It took me about an hour to install after l got the old one out. I really like the center wok burner for stir fry and for rapidly boiling water for pasta. lt is also nice that I can put nearly all of the parts in the dishwasher. Cleaning the stainless steel base with soapy water and a sponge hasn't scratched anything. So far so good.

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