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Sample Policy Guidelines


CHEFF understands the importance of providing samples to our international customers to ensure their satisfaction and build long-term business relationships. In order to give customers a better understanding of our sample policy, here are some brief descriptions:

1. For foreign importers have offices or shipping agents in China, our company requires customers to pay the corresponding sample fees and domestic logistics fees before we send the samples (these fees will be confirmed with the customer before the samples are shipped).

2. For customers who require samples to be sent to a foreign address, customers are responsible for the entire transportation cost:
a. Customers provide their company's international logistics account for us to place an order online, then we arrange for the warehouse to send out the samples.
b. If customer does not have a company logistics account, our company can consult the relevant logistics costs and confirm the payment of the freight with the customer. After confirming the payment, we will arrange to send the samples.

3. For customers who have already established cooperation with CHEFF, we will regularly provide samples of new products for testing, or suggest customers place sample orders to test the market, in order to seize market opportunities earlier.

To obtain high-quality samples of built in gas hobs, table top gas cookers, portable gas stoves, induction cookers and BBQ grill, please contact us now, and our engineers will provide you with technical solutions and arrange samples.

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