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Ensuring Quality Control at Every Stage
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Testing Equipment and Instruments

Each product has undergone our strict testing to ensure the safety of customers' trials
Withstanding Voltage Test

Withstanding Voltage Test

This machine is used to check whether the insulation ability of products under transient high pressure is qualified or not and detect defects in the product.

Gas Leakage Testing

Gas Leakage Testing

We have a machine that is able to find very slight gas leakage for the ignition and gas pipe.

Visible Flame Testing

Visible Flame Testing

The visible flame testing can detect not only the gas leakage from the ignition valve and gas pipe, but also the safety for burner and burner cap.

Gas Stove Quality Inspection Process

A high-quality product starts from every standard
Inspection of Raw Materials

Inspection of Raw Materials

Ignition Valve Quality Assurance

  • The surface of the casting is flat and smooth, there is no obvious defects such as rust, crack and Burr Flash. The apertures are open to each other without blockage.
  • The product and its packaging shall be properly labeled to indicate its name, specification type, parameter, quantity, production date, production unit, etc.
  • Structural dimensions and nozzles shall be in accordance with the drawings or sample approval.
  • The air damper can not be deformed and can be adjusted smoothly. There should be no gap between ignition valve and the burner.
  • Gas tightness: When the solenoid valve is opened and the valve body is closed, the leakage will be less than 20 ml/h under 10 KPA pressure. And also, when the solenoid valve is closed, the valve body is opened, the situation is the same.(Each ignition valve has a FFD in it.)
  • Life test: After repeated the operation for 50,000 times, air tightness, operating torque and ignition valve can still operate properly.
  • The valve body with FFD has a self-locking setting.
Inspection of Raw Materials

Inspection of Raw Materials

Brass Cap Quality Assurance

  • The identification marks on the packing box are clear and correct.
  • The holes and slots in the brass cap are conformed to the drawings.
  • The brass cap can rotate 360 degrees freely. After 30 minutes of continuous combustion, the brass cap will not deform, the surface layer will not blister, nor cracks or peeling off. At the same time, discoloration, odor or deformation are not allowed.
  • Combustion performance: The orange flame, floating flame, flame leakage or explosion are not allowed. The combustion performs very well.
Inspection of Raw Materials

Inspection of Raw Materials

The Stove Body Quality Assurance

  • No discoloration, scratch, dent or deformation on the stove body.
  • The stamped logo is clear and in accordance with the drawings.
Inspection of Raw Materials

Inspection of Raw Materials

Burner Quality Assurance

  • The surface and inner wall of the burner are smooth. Corrosion, rust spots, brittle crack and loss of coating are not allowed. And the edge of the burner must not be broken, perforated or uneven.
  • The burner must be heat-resistant,Discoloration, shedding and rust are not allowed on the surface of the burner body.

End-to-End Quality Control for Exceptional Gas Stoves

Ensuring Product Quality with Care and Authenticity
Pre-Production Sample Testing

Pre-production Sample Testing

  • Verify whether the materials are in accordance with the purchasing list or not.
  • Check whether the product is damaged, deformed, rusted or not.
  • The product should be stable when placed(The installation is firm)
  • Check if there are any missing parts (manual, warranty card, etc. )
  • Whether the ignition function and flame is normal or the stove body is rusted.
  • Check if there is any missing or misprinted serial number.
  • (According to the customer’s requirements)
  • Whether there is gas leakage from the joint of the ignition valve and the burner during the visible flame testing.
Inspection During the Production

Inspection During the Production

  • The working procedure should be consistent with the flow charts.
  • The storage area of the defective unit must be divided from the QC-passed products.
  • Whether the label is pasted in the correct position and no accessories are missing.
  • Whether the cartons are neat and the packing is complete.
Inspection of Finished Products

Inspection of Finished Products


  • To check whether the body of the product is broken, incomplete, seriously deformed, scratched or rusted.
  • Whether there is any unplanned (metal or plastic) parts in the unit.
  • Whether there is damaged, burrs and abnormal color or not.
  • Whether the product is assembled firmly or there is abnormal sound when the product vibrates.
  • Whether the brass cap and pan support are fixed properly (subjected to the process documents) .
Inspection of Finished Products

Inspection of Finished Products


  • Whether there is any missing accessories (manual, warranty card, rubber foot, etc.)
  • Whether there is obvious dirt or damage on the color box and adhesive tape.

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