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Better cooking is not just about the right tools, it's about the love and care you put into each dish.

We built more than a business, we built a family – one that values hard work, creativity, high quality gas cookers.

Ms Connie Zhang

Better cooking is not just about the right tools, it's about the love and care you put into each dish
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From Love to Business

From Love to Gas Cooker Business

Cheff was founded by a couple --Ms Connie Zhang & Mr Vincent Liao.

Ms Connie's love for her family and her passion for cooking started at a very young age. As the eldest sister in her family, she often helped her mother prepare meals for the whole family. However, she noticed that her mother struggled to cook with traditional cooker tools, which made the preparation process difficult and time-consuming.

This sparked an idea in Ms Connie's mind - what if they had access to a better gas cooker? One is that would make it easier and faster for her mother to prepare delicious meals for the family. This idea stayed with her as she grew up, and she became more determined to make it into reality one day in future.

10 more years later Ms Connie graduated from her university. She met with Mr Vincent and got married . Mr Vincent is an excellent mechanical engineer. He once worked as R&D engineer for many new projects of home appliances in Donlim Group for many years.

Building the Dream

Building the Dream in the Gas Stove Industry

Ms Connie and Mr Vincent decided to build their own factory with brand “CHEFF” in 2013. After They started by researching the market and identifying the gaps in the industry. They found that a lot of low-priced cookers available on the market were of poor quality, while the high-quality ones were monopolized by some big brands and came with a hefty price tag. They wanted to make high-quality products at an affordable price, so that everyone could enjoy cooking.

They faced big challenge at the beginning . The products tend to be homogeneous and people tend to choose products with good reputation and brands. How to make CHEFF brand recognized amidst the sea of competitors is the most important thing. They invested in marketing, attended trade shows, and reached out to potential customers. Slowly but surely, CHEFF started to gain traction.

Constantly Upgrade and Grow in the Gas Stove Industry

They continuously promote total quality management, actively introduce advanced production equipment and process technology, continuously optimize production lines, and ensure that every product meets the most stringent quality standards.By optimizing internal processes, controlling costs, and achieving economies of scale, Cheff are able to offer customers more reasonable prices and enable more people to enjoy high-quality cooking experiences.

Today,Cheff is known for its quality gas cookers at affordable prices. The couple's dream of making high-quality cookers accessible to everyone has become a reality. After 10 years , they purchased 5100 square meter factory in Julong industry area,and built new products quality testing centre. The main products was extended to table top gas cooker ,built-in gas cooker and camping gas stoves .

CHEFF Spirit in Gas Cookers Manufacturing

At Cheff, we are passionate about creating gas cookers that are reliable, sustainable, and innovative. Our commitment to these core values sets us apart from other manufacturers and ensures that our customers can trust us to deliver the best gas cookers on the market.


We understand that our customers rely on our gas cookers to prepare meals for their families and loved ones. That's why we ensure that all our products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of reliability, using only the best materials and components. Our gas cookers are built to last, so you can enjoy years of stress-free cooking.



We believe that it is our responsibility to minimize our impact on the environment. That's why we strive to make our gas cook as sustainable as possible, using eco-friendly materials and production methods. also design our products to be energy-efficient, reducing wastage and saving you money .



We are constantly pushing the boundaries of gas cooker design, seeking out new and innovative ways to improve the cooking experience for our customers. Whether it's through intuitive controls, advanced safety features, or sleek and modern designs, we are always looking for ways to take our gas cookers to the next level.

Our Team Offers Gas Cooker Customized Solutions

Cheff ‘s Target :To help our partners succeed betterFrom sales consultants, R&D experts to quality control experts, our experienced team can quickly respond to changing markets and customize solutions according to the unique needs of different customers. We prove it every day.
Consultant Service Team

Consultant Service Team

  • Customer - Centric: focused on the needs and desires of the customer, understanding their pain points and delivering solutions that meet their specific needs.
  • Professional Product knowledge: have a deep understanding of the gas cooker products including their features, benefits, and limitations.
  • Quickly response:Response within 1 hour and 24 hours online
Strong R&D Team

Strong R&D Team

  • 4 gas cooker engineers in R&D department with more than 20 years industry experience;
  • For new product R&D, product scheme within 1 month , samples within 2 months;
  • R&D Team serves you all the time with your new product development
Strong QC Team

Strong QC Team

  • QC team control the quality of each product through the process of IQC, LQC, PQC, OQA. Rigorous work is the guarantee of quality.
  • Strictly follow ISO 9001 standard, guarantee product quality consistency.

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