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Gas Stove Factory Production

We have two working lines in the factory. One is manual assembly of parts, another is automatic production line. The automatic production line improves the work efficiency of the workers.

A team of professional and experienced engineers will give instructions to the workers according to the customer’s requirements.

And several workers will be assigned to each process to assemble the parts together, including pan support, brass cap, gas pipe, ignition valve, FFD(Flame Failure Safety Device), burner, and other components.

Cheff's Gas Cookers Factory

We have been supplying our gas cookers to many TOP brands in different countries for many years.

How It Works

8 Key Points in Gas Hobs & Gas Cookers Production
Bottom shell and panel

Bottom shell and panel

Professional Design & Excellent Manufacturing

  • The material of bottom shell is generally stainless steel, it can also be replaced according to customer needs, and the vacant parts should match the burner size and knob size.
  • Several choices on top panel: Stainless steel(201,#304)/Tempered glass/Enamel
  • Distortion and chromatic aberration are not allowed because of the exquisite technology.
Burner and Brass Cap

Burner and Brass Cap

Casting Integration & Precise Process

  • Normal burner size: 90mm(single/double tube),100mm, 120mm
  • Burner type:Italy SABAF burner/Chinese style; their highest temperature resistance: 550 degrees/530 degrees
  • 1#-4#:Triple Ring Burner:3.3kw/Rapid Burner:3.0kw/Semi-rapid Burner:1.75 kw/Auxiliary Burner:1.0 kw
  • Burner cap’s reasonable diversion design for more efficient gas combustion and energy-saving.
  • Our burner cap has a uniquely designed flow guide to optimize gas combustion and improve energy efficiency
  • High temperature resistant aluminum alloy castings ensure superior durability and performance.
Ignition Valve

Ignition Valve

CNC Process to ensure the accuracy for Perfect Qualify of Products

  • High technology ensures that our products meet the highest standards of the safety, reliability and durability.
  • Faster igniting time(3-5 seconds) and faster shut-off time and shorter blockage times(5-10 seconds) for more safety.
Ignition valve leakage

Ignition valve leakage

Make sure the valve body and spool do not leak.

  • The leak detector is well connected with the intake pipe
  • Press the valve body down to the bottom with your hand(open the solenoid valve)
  • Start the leak detector, read the results after it stop, the result should be ≤.0.25ml/min
  • Turn the valve body to the maximum fire position, release, start the leak detector, wait for the leak detector to stop, read the results(≤.0.5ml/min)
Gas pipe leakage

Gas pipe leakage

Make sure that there is no air leakage in each gas pipe.

  • Connect the leak detector hose to the air inlet connector, start the leak detector and read the test result after the leak detector stops. The result should be≤0.7ml/min.
Visible Flame leakage

Visible Flame leakage

Make sure that there is no gas leakage in each joint.

  • Open the stove from the gas inlet to the fire hole, set the gas pressure to 1.5 times the rated pressure.
  • Use visible flame(Pressure: 1.5pa) to detect whether there is any leakage from gas inlet to fire hole.
Flatness of pan support testing

Flatness of pan support testing

Make sure that each pan support fits well with the stove body.

  • Smooth surface and no burrs
  • The ear height of pan support ≤1mm
  • The pot is stable and the circle diameter is even
  • The welding of the pan support is firm and there is no deformation.
  • Place the pan support on top of the panel, it should not shake, radial clearance≤2mm.


  • Appropriate protection can improve the quality of shipment and the sales of the products.

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